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Now that fall is here, it?s only a matter of time before it starts to cool down a little and the leaves begin to change color. Fall is the perfect time of year to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. I love going on hikes with my friends or even on a date with a new guy! It?s the perfect setting to get to know one another. Of course, I can?t go anywhere?especially on a date?without throwing on some kind of bling. While wearing jewelry to go hiking definitely isn?t necessary, I have some tips just in case you want to glitz up your outdoor outfit.

The first thing to be aware of when accessorizing for a hike is the material of your jewelry. While everyday jewelry is usually silver or gold, you should go more natural bracelets_braidedwhen out in nature. Try choosing jewelry that is made of leather or hemp. I have a leather-braided bracelet I wear when going outdoors that is super cute and matches everything. With more natural materials, your jewelry will blend in with the environment around you, and it will also be more resilient to the outdoors!

The material of your jewelry is important for style, but it?s also important for practicality as well. You want your pieces to be water and sweat resistant and securely fastened to your body with bulky clasps or ties. Try a trendy sports watch, a self-tightening hemp choker, or a leather cuff. Functional jewelry is first priority when braving the many unexpected elements of nature.

When it comes to specific pieces of jewelry, you should rule out all rings and long earrings when hiking. Both of these pieces can easily fall off and get lost, or snag on branches and injure you. Play it safe and keep your fingers bare. And if you choose to wear earrings, stick with a pair of small studs that won?t get in the way. I don?t risk any of my of rings or dangly earrings when hiking. A short necklace, a bracelet or two, and a watch will suffice for this kind of outing.

Go for a natural and functional look when bringing your jewelry outside this fall. Keep materials as well as durability in mind. These tips will help you stay stylish, subtle, and safe while hiking. Just remember to save those nicer pieces for a night out on the town!

Do you have any other tips for wearing jewelry when hiking or going on an outdoor adventure? Comment below and get the discussion going! Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my vlog, The Jewelry Find on YouTube, for other tips, trends, and featured collections!


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