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Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog! I?m so glad you decided to check it out. I started writing this as an extension of my vlog series, where I show off some pretty fabulous jewelry from amazing designers and offer up style tips. I love what I do, and I really enjoy helping people discover new things that they?ll love, too. This blog is a way for me to continue doing that.

Have you ever stopped to think how jewelry is so woven into our daily lives? We wear rings to symbolize our commitment of love to another person, or put on a string of heirloom pearls to remember a grandmother. We throw on a statement collar necklace if we?re in a bold mood on a Friday night, or a pair of delicate studs for an elegant, job-interview worthy look. Jewelry plays an essential role in how we represent our style and ourselves.?

Starting from a young age, I?ve been lucky enough to interact with some of the world?s top jewelry designers. I grew up passionate about jewelry and fashion in general, and carried those interests with me when I went to college. A BA in Communications and Media Studies, a BA in Textiles Merchandising, and Design, and an MFA in Fashion Design later, and here I am, so excited to share my passion with you.

I love hearing from you, so feel free to drop me a note here. You can also find me and The Jewelry Find on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course, on YouTube.

Thanks for stopping by!