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I don?t know about you guys, but I absolutely love all the amazing outdoor activities that the summer and fall bring. My schedule is already packed with bonfires, hikes, and cookouts with friends. But I?ve also made room for one of my favorite events–music festivals!

It seems like the number of music festivals is on the rise every year, and I try to attend whenever I can. Not only do I hear live music, but I meet so many interesting people, too. I always have a blast. But let me tell you–trying to find an outfit that is comfortable (especially in the sticky heat of summer and early fall) yet fashionable can be a real pain.

Luckily, festival fashion has grown in popularity (hello fringe shirts!), so I usually don?t have much trouble on the clothing side of things. And I have a few tips and trends I always follow that make accessorizing with jewelry a breeze.

Festivals are hot and crowded, and you?re usually on your feet most of the time. So I never want anything too bulky or heavy. Simple, lightweight pieces are best. And I recommend leaving the expensive, sentimental jewelry at home. You don?t want to worry about grandma?s pearl ring slipping off while you?re getting your dance on.

My go-to style for festival jewelry is Bohemian chic. This free-spirited, romantic look has cycled in and out of fashion since the early 20th century. You?ve probably seen Boho clothing like ruffled skirts, loose dresses, and tasseled shirts, and Boho jewelry shares similar aspects.

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I like to rock a pair of delicate, tasseled earrings, along with stackable wooden bangles. Symbols such as feathers and arrows scream Boho, so I have a few feather and arrow double rings that I throw on too. If you want to add color, a turquoise necklace or druzy pendant would be perfect. Anything with an earthy feel will work.

Though I adore Boho chic, depending on what festival I?m at I sometimes want to wear brighter, more attention-grabbing jewelry. I?ll reach for a beaded bib necklace with a mix of colors. I love to combine hot pinks, lemon yellows, and electric blues, but find a color combo that fits your mood and taste. Some bib necklaces can be on the heavier side, so I steer clear of those. Remember – your look can be super hot, but if you?re going to be uncomfortable, opt for something else. You should be having fun, not standing around wishing you?d worn something else.

So, are you more of a Boho chic fan, or are you into brighter pieces that pop? Or is there another style that really gets you in the festival mood? Let me know in the comments! Come back next week for more great jewelry trends and ideas to get your sparkle on!

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