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I love to travel. Whether it’s a road trip to a sunny Florida beach, a weekend away in a city I’ve never been to, or an extended stay in a more exotic locale, I enjoy exploring and experiencing new things. From trying the local cuisine to visiting the cultural hot spots, there’s always something new to discover. And getting there can be fun, too! It’s so exciting to jump in a car or board an airplane and know that you’ll soon be in a completely different place.

Because I know how important it is to remain fashionable while away, today I?m going to give you some pointers on traveling with your jewelry. What you should take, what you should leave at home, what you should pair together–I?m going to cover it all.Untitled design-4

Packing for vacation can be a pain. What clothes and shoes you take depend on factors like weather and your planned activities, so you have some guidance there. But deciding what jewelry to bring with you can be a challenging task. While you want to look as fabulous as possible during your time of relaxation and fun, you also don?t want to risk losing your most valuable jewelry.

When packing for your trip, my first bit of advice is to leave your expensive and/or sentimental jewelry at home! While this may include some of your best pieces, it?s not worth the risk of losing them during your travels. Instead, stick to packing simple, neutral pieces that complement a variety of different outfits. I always bring some bangles, a pair of dangle or hoop earrings, and some stackable rings. Bring a mixture of silver, yellow gold, and rose gold jewelry so that you have your bases covered.

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Once you have packed your essentials, consider bringing a few statement pieces to really make each outfit you wear stand out. I love matching a comfy maxi dress with a big statement necklace! Whether it?s a chunky necklace or a statement cuff, you can pair these flashier items with your basics to complete your look.

Another important factor to keep in mind is how you plan to pack your jewelry. Investing in a jewelry case specific for travel is really necessary. My travel case rolls up, which is perfect for keeping my jewelry in place and organized. Keep in mind that the more organized you are, the more room you will have for extra jewelry!

If you do decide to bring more valuable pieces with you, it?s important to keep these items either on your body or in your carry-on luggage. I can?t live without my diamond stud earrings, so I wear them on the plane wherever I go. By doing this, you know that your jewelry is safe.

No matter where you decide to vacation, be it snowy mountains or a beach in the tropics, these tips for traveling with jewelry can save you a lot of time when packing. Remember that simple and neutral items are key, and a few statement pieces will round out your look!

I hope you enjoyed my vacation jewelry tips and tricks! Don?t forget to check back next week for more exciting trends and advice. Also, be sure to check out my vlog, The Jewelry Find, on YouTube for the latest featured collections in fashionable jewelry today!