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Hi friends!

I don?t know about you, but I?m currently inside, glued to my air conditioner, and I never want to leave. Most mornings just making the trek from house to car feels like I?m walking through an oven. In fact, I?m pretty sure my hair is frizzing up every time I just look out the window. We?re in the dog days of summer, and I just want to stay inside, or possibly move to Antarctica.

But because you know, I?m a person who has work and a life and stuff, I do have to venture outside. The one thing that makes these sweltering days a bit more bearable is SUMMER FASHION (in all caps because I love it that much). My usual summer go-to is a patterned sundress and wedges or a cute shirt/shorts combo paired with gladiator sandals. And of course my outfit isn?t complete without a little bit of bling.

There are a few hot jewelry trends that have really been popular this summer and that I?ve been incorporating into my daily fashion routine. And the great thing is that they are so easy for anyone to wear!

It?s All in the Details

I love making a bold statement with a big necklace. But sometimes I want to be bold on a smaller scale, and layering dainty chains and necklaces is the perfect embodiment of this. I like to do a mix of delicate pendants and fine chains with pearl detail. Paired with a light, flowy sundress, it makes for a very ethereal look. You can also style this trend by stacking thin bracelets together.

Alisa necklace, earrings and layered bracelets

Alisa necklace, earrings and stacked?bracelets http://www.alisadesigns.com

Summer Shades

No, I?m not talking about sunglasses, though those are always important to your summer look. I?m talking color. This summer, the trendy color palette is a range of rich jewel tones–dark teal and indigo–and soft pastels–wisteria and lemon chiffon. When I want a softer look, I have a pair of peony pink drop earrings I like to wear with my favorite brown cap-sleeve dress for a day at the office. But I love to bring the jewel tones out at night with colored gemstone bangles and cocktail rings.

Everything Coming up Roses

Good news for anyone always worried about what jewelry best complements their skin tone–rose gold is for all! This soft shade of metal looks great on everyone, and also goes perfectly with this summer?s color palette. I adore rose gold. I?ve recently purchased a few rose gold wrap rings that I wear all the time. Even though this is a summer trend, I?ll probably be sticking with it through the fall and winter, too.

Which of these is your favorite summer 2016 trend? Or is there another style that you?ve been really into? Let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope you?ll be back next week when I talk about what jewelry you should wear when attending a very special occasion!

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