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Hey everyone! Today I want to focus on a topic that seems sort of taboo?men?s jewelry. While many people will tell you that jewelry is reserved just for women, this is not the case. A strong, stylish man can wear jewelry the same way a woman can, only his selections will be much different. Men?s jewelry should be more subtle and sleek. Here are some tips to guide men in their jewelry selections for any occasion.

  1. Watches for the Win

Cufflinks by IB Goodman

The watch is a universally accepted men?s accessory, and should be the anchor of any outfit. A man should invest in a few solid timepieces that he can wear on different occasions, such as a sports watch for the gym, an everyday watch, and a nice watch for more formal events. As a woman, I love a man who takes the time to incorporate a nice watch into his daily look. It shows responsibility and class all in one! For all the ladies reading this post, watches are the perfect gift for your guy as well. Help him out by picking a watch that you think embodies his personality, whether that means a skeleton watch, an oversized gold watch, or a more understated silver piece.

  1. Cufflinks are Classy

Cufflinks are a great accessory that all men should own. They are a perfect way to show off a little uniqueness with a button-down shirt and tie. For more fun occasions, cufflinks can show off a little personality. A sport’s fan might want to show his dedication to a favorite team, or a “Star Wars” fan might want to hint at his favorite movie (yes, there are Death Star cufflinks). For a formal event, they should be clean and polished. A man?s cufflinks should be polished and match the metal of the other jewelry he is wearing. Cufflinks come in all shapes, sizes, and metals, so there is no right or wrong kind. The design of the cufflinks is completely up to the man who wears them!

  1. ste-10308pnd4x

    Necklace by IB Goodman

    No Shame in Necklaces ?

There?s no shame in a man wearing a necklace, whether it?s for style alone or for a more meaningful purpose
such as a religious symbol. However, when it comes to men?s necklaces, it?s important to keep it simple. A thin chain in silver or gold is appropriate. The chain can be tucked under the shirt or lay on top to display a pendant. I personally love when a man wears a necklace out in the open with confidence! However, no more than one necklace should be worn at a time?subtlety is key

  1. Suit and Tie Accessories

While the cufflinks are one of the most common suit and tie accessories, there are other accessories that can adorn a man?s suit as well, such as a tie bar or lapel pin. Lapel pins are often associated with men working in politics–American flags are very common. However, they are appropriate for any businessman in a suit. A lapel pin can display personal beliefs or interests in a classy way.

A tie bar holds a tie in place, but it can also be a stylish addition to the suit and tie look. For a sleek look, a guy can choose a stainless steel tie bar. For a more playful look, he may choose one that is creatively shaped like a hockey puck or a snake. Similarly to cufflinks, both lapel pins and tie bars can add extra personality to common business attire.

I hope this post is helpful for any man wanting to become a little more fashionable. For the ladies reading this, be sure to pass on these tips so your man can match your jewelry style in the streets. Do you think jewelry for men is appropriate? Comment below and get the discussion going!

For more trends and featured collections, be sure to check out my vlog, The Jewelry Find on YouTube. Thanks for reading and check back next week!


*Featured Image: Tie Clip by IB Goodman