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I adore weddings. You eat delicious cake, dance the night away, and witness two people in love start the next chapter of their lives together. What?s not to like?

But one of my favorite parts of a wedding doesn?t even happen at the actual ceremony or reception–it happens before. You know where I?m going with this.

Yes, I love–and I mean love–choosing the perfect outfit to wear.

Anytime I get to dress up and be fancy is a good time, so you know I?m going to get excited. The type of ceremony and reception I attend is usually my greatest outfit influencer. If I?m going to an evening shindig at a elegant venue, I might go for a long cocktail dress and heels. An outdoor afternoon wedding means I throw on a tea-length dress and wedges, and take a gauzy wrap if the weather is going to be on the cooler side.

But there is one wedding fashion rule I try to keep in mind when choosing an outfit:

Do not upstage the bride.

This is obvious, but I?m mentioning it anyway. Weddings are not the place to debut that strapless white dress you found at last year?s Labor Day sales. And it?s not just about clothing?what jewelry you wear matters too. So, how do you look on point with your jewelry game without stealing the bride?s spotlight?

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Keep your statement pieces at home. I know this is a hot trend right now, and there is absolutely a time and place to rock it, but it?s not while you?re watching your friend from high school say her marriage vows. Your giant lapis lazuli pendant and diamond tiara headband are fabulous, but save them for another occasion.

Instead, mix and stack. Grab some rings and start from there. Stack two or three rose and yellow gold rings on each hand, or go for a combination of complementary colored gemstones. If you aren?t into wearing multiple rings, mix and stack several smaller bracelets. This will add some subtle sparkle to your outfit.

If you want a more classic style, stick with pearls. A short strand of South Sea white pearls with matching pearl studs is a timeless look that pairs well with any outfit. Or if you want to be a bit bolder, try a rope of multi-colored or black pearls. In my book, pearls are basically appropriate for every life occasion.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Be sure and let me know what your go-to wedding guest jewelry style is. Come back next week for more great jewelry trends and ideas!

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