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This Thursday marks the official beginning of fall! This is very exciting news because with fall comes new fashion, and specifically, new jewelry trends. I love the changing of the seasons, because it gives us the opportunity to completely overhaul our look. Every season, I incorporate something new into my jewelry wardrobe that complements my favorite, will-wear-them-forever pieces. I mentioned chokers in my last post, and I have been loving them for both casual and more elegant occasions. Here are some other interesting trends from New York Fashion Week that will be popular in the coming months.

  1. Interesting Earrings

While this trend seems a little unorthodox, mismatched earrings are fall?s newest fad.
Both celebrities on the red carpet and models on the runway are trying it out. With thi
look, earrings should still coordinate in style or color, but should not be identical. I haven’t decided if I’ll be trying this trend out or not, as it is a little out there. However, if you have a bold style and decide to give it a go, comment below and let me know how it goes!

  1. A Punch of Punk

Punk fashion has made a revival for the first time since the ?90s. Safety pins, unusual piercings, and ear cuffs have all been present on the runway recently. While I?m not much of a grunge girl myself, I have found some super cute silver ear cuffs with
diamonds up the side that I love to wear for a night out. Though ear cuffs are inspired by the punk look, many designers are making them match the bohemian style as well. So don?t be afraid to explore this fall trend?make it fun!

  1. Necklaces Galore

I am so excited that layering necklaces has become so fashionable. I love layering multiple necklaces of different lengths to show off a variety of pieces at once. Layering necklaces is a great alternative to a statement necklace. You can mix and match simple chains with more flashy pieces as well. This trend is a great chance to be creative.

  1. Tassels All Over

Tassels are prevalent both on necklaces and earrings. They come in a variety of materials, such as fabric, leather, and metal. I have a great leather necklace that wraps around and hangs open ended with metal tassels in the front. Try wearing fabric tassel earrings with a simple gold chain necklace for a balanced look. Tassels are also
being seen on handbags and shoes. There?s nothing better than a cute pair of tassel booties to complete your fall look.

  1. Precious Pearls

While pearls have always been a classic trend, they are particularly prominent on the
runway this year. Designers are layering long pearl necklaces that hang to the waist. Chunky pearl earrings are in style as well. So if you decide to accessorize with pearls this fall, go beyond wearing a simple strand, and aim for a more dramatic look. I’m thinking of using this style to complement one of my favorite fall outfits–jeans, boots, and a tweed jacket.

What do you all think of these jewelry trends for fall 2016? Are there any other fashions you?ve seen that are new and noteworthy? Comment below and let me know! Also, be sure to check out my vlog, The Jewelry Find on YouTube, for some awesome featured collections.