Our approach in targeting today?s jewelry consumer has the broadest reach and best ROI in marketing.

The Jewelry Find on YouTube

What is The Jewelry Find?

The Jewelry Find is a video-based brand strategy that encourages thousands of consumers to discover and learn about your brand. We create an entertaining and informative video to communicate your brand?s story, and implement a complete promotional social media strategy to target women who are jewelry enthusiasts and drive them to your retailers.

Stephanie, who grew up around the jewelry industry and has earned multiple degrees in the communication and fashion women-easily-relatefields, serves as the spokesperson. She is personable and engaging, and women easily relate to her. In each video, Stephanie introduces a jewelry designer and/or brand, features select jewelry pieces and discusses them in detail, and presents trendy ways viewers can wear them for various occasions. Videos are uploaded to The Jewelry Find?s YouTube Channel, where they can be shared across social media platforms, embedded on websites, and viewed by millions.

The Benefits of Video Marketing with The Jewelry Find

Video content is the most powerful method for your brand to make an impression on consumers. In fact, eMarketer found that 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Digital business firm Insivia states that purchase intent increases by 97% when consumers have an enjoyable experience watching product videos. And video marketer Brightcove reports that social video generates 1200% more ?shares? than text and images combined.companies-that-use

Because we feature a different brand every week on The Jewelry Find?s YouTube channel, these videos are not perceived as advertising. Instead, consumers view them as informational and entertaining. And because we are unbiased and The Jewelry Find strategy is all-encompassing, the engagement level and impact on consumers is exponential, something you won?t experience trying to do this on your own.

We have developed The Jewelry Find to give you the greatest number of benefits for the least amount of money.

When you participate, we will:

Drive women ages 20-60 who love jewelry to watch your video: Every detail of your video, from the set design to the custom-created music, is tailored to appeal to this audience. Stephanie?is engaging and personable, and women immediately relate to her.

Communicate your brand story the way you want it to be told: You give us the background and history of your brand that you want to feature, and we?ll incorporate it into your 3-5 minute video. You or a brand ambassador can also be interviewed at our studio to give consumers personal insight into your brand.

Talk about and show your products to consumers in an exciting way: Your video will feature up to 7 pieces that are uniquely yours. Stephanie?will showcase each piece, discuss them in detail, and present ways to wear them that complement current trends. Your video will also include a model wearing the jewelry, along with 360? videography of each piece.

Dedicate 20-30 hours to promoting your brand on social media: For a full week, we?ll exclusively promote your video on the 6?online platforms that The Jewelry Find owns: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube channels, and website and blog. We have already experienced over 100,000 consumer engagements across these platforms.

Write a blog post about your jewelry: The Jewelry Find?s consumer-focused weekly blog features jewelry style tips and trends for multiple occasions. We will create an entry around your brand and feature photos of your jewelry.

Spend $1,000-$2,000 on paid online advertising:?We will grow social engagement both organically and through paid online advertising to push your brand and video to the targeted consumers that you want to reach. During the week your video and brand are promoted, we will spend $1,000-$2,000 on paid online advertising to advance your video and brand with targeted consumers.

Utilize your retailers to market your brand: We will create personalized tags at the beginning of your video for your top 30 retailers. You can then distribute your video to those retailers to share on their website and social media.

Grow your business with new retailers: We will distribute your finished video to our list of the 2,000 best jewelers, as well as any others you want to add.?Retailers that don?t currently carry your jewelry will see your products in an exciting, consumer-focused setting, which will open the opportunity for you to develop new business relationships.

Implement the entire strategy for you: For your convenience, we handle every project element, from pre-production to creating an extensive social media strategy for your finished video.

Provide you with your video to further drive consumer engagement: To ensure you reach the greatest amount of consumers, we will give you your video to feature on your website and share on your social media.

Convert viewers to customers: When we post your video on YouTube, we will drive consumer traffic and improve your SEO by linking to your website. Or we can link to a unique landing page that features the products shown in your video and directs consumers to your retailers.

Enhance your Harmon Catalog page:?When you?participate in Harmon Catalog’s responsive web and mobile site program, we will embed your video into the digital version of your catalog page.

All of this for just?$6,500