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Halloween is right around the corner so of course, I am getting in the spirit with my jewelry this year! While there?s plenty of silly/tacky Halloween jewelry out there that will be perfect to complete your costume, it?s easy to stay fashionable with your jewelry around Halloween as well. As I?ve mentioned in the past, punk jewelry is coming back strong this fall. Punk jewelry can be perfect for Halloween, and don?t be afraid to add a little spooky flare. Here are some of my favorite themes to follow.

  1. Bad to the Boneuntitled

I personally love skeleton jewelry, and it can work with certain looks year round. A rib cage cuff or knuckle ring is a perfect way to really transform an outfit from ordinary to edgy. This ring pictured here by Stephen Webster is so chic! You can also add some skeleton style to your outfit with a skull and crossbones necklace or handbag.

  1. 2Creepy Crawlers

Snakes and spiders really bring out the Halloween spirit, but when the holiday season is over, you can still rock this
theme with no problem. In fact, gold and silver snake necklaces can liven up pretty much any outfit. This one pictured here by Avant Garde Paris is
very classy. A set of spider earrings or a spider brooch can also be worn year
round as long as you keep it subtle. During Halloween, however, go all out with it! Spiders and snakes all over!?

  1. Nails and other Knick Knacks1

Industrial jewelry is a great option for Halloween and plays perfectly into the punk trend this year as well. Safety pins and nails are inspiring jewelry of all sorts. This ring is
a perfect punk creation by Cartier made to resemble a bent nail around the finger. Safety pins have been commonly seen in earring designs. Just make sure you buy it at the store and don?t try to make your own. Yikes!

I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween and these tips should help you all stay stylish and edgy for the holidays as well as the rest of the year! Be sure to comment below any other suggestions you may have for Halloween jewelry. Also, check out my vlog, The Jewelry Find on YouTube, for some videos of me featuring some beautiful jewelry. Thanks for reading!