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Hey everyone,

Bridal season is in full swing, and while I?ve already talked about jewelry style for the wedding guest, now it?s time to talk about the main attraction?the bride! For just about any woman, the actual wedding day is the most important bridal moment. But the engagement takes top priority, too. Where a woman gets engaged (public or private space), how it happens (flash mob or dinner at a favorite restaurant), and the people involved (20 friends or just the couple) are major factors. And obviously the ring itself is a significant part of that moment and beyond.


Rings from the Ever&Ever Bridal Collection

A woman?s engagement ring will likely be the most expensive piece of jewelry she ever owns. Along with the sentimental value that?s attached to it, finding the perfect ring to match your personal style?or to nudge?your significant other in the right direction?is crucial.

Now I know that for a lot of ladies, engagement ring daydreaming starts on Pinterest early in a relationship, or even before there actually is a relationship. No judgment here! You deserve the best and most beautiful engagement ring, and it takes time to hone in on what fits that vision for you. There are so many different factors that are combined to create
your ideal ring, such as the center stone size and cut, the setting, and the metal color and quality. The most important factor, however, is finding the ring that will best embody you and the relationship you share with your love.


Rose Gold ‘Gabriella’ Halo-Style Setting with Emerald Cut Morganite Center Stone

With so many fabulous engagement ring options out there, the process for finding ?The One? can be just as difficult as finding the person who gives it to you. Sometimes you know what you want, but can?t seem to find the exact match in stores. When you find yourself lost in the hunt, consider the option of customization. Choosing each element of your ring, from the size and cut to the setting and metal, makes the engagement experience even more special.

You know what else is great about customizing your ring? Your significant other can be involved in the process. With your shared input, the ring will symbolize the bond you two have together, which is such a sweet sentiment!


Two-Tone White/Yellow Gold ‘Nicole’ Solitaire-Style Setting with Infinity Symbol-Oval Shape Diamond Center Stone

While there are many companies out there that allow you to customize, there?s one in particular that I have completely fallen in love with. Not only does the Ever&Ever Bridal Collection have some absolutely gorgeous designs, but you can go on their website and customize your ring instantly. You can see it change in real time as you select the style, center stone shape and color, and metal quality and color.

Once you?ve devised the ring of your dreams, you can find a local authorized Ever&Ever jeweler who will bring it to life. You can even work with the jeweler to customize it beyond the options available on the website, like if there?s a certain center stone you want to incorporate into the design. You have all the power, and there are endless possibilities at your fingertips.

So to all you ladies who are soon to be engaged—or for those of you?that like to plan ahead, just in case–remember that your engagement ring should be special and unique like the love it represents. Consider customizing your ring to get exactly what you want. When it comes to this beautiful piece of jewelry and lasting symbol of love, you definitely ?shouldn?t settle!

What do you think about customizing your ring with your significant other? Let me know in the comments. I hope you all enjoyed! Be sure to stop by next week for another fun post on jewelry trends and how to stay fashionable this season!

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