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In case you didn?t get it from the title of this post, we?re talking diamond jewelry today! Obviously, in the title, I had to reference the famous song sung by Marilyn Monroe in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. If you haven?t seen the film (or at least the clip of this song), do so immediately after reading this post. Marilyn is stunning and the diamonds they showcase are to die for.

So why do we love diamonds so much? It?s partly the way they catch the light and sparkle. They are also practically indestructible, which makes them very valuable. Because of their value, diamonds have become a precious commodity. Owning diamond jewelry is the epitome of luxury. Every woman feels special when she?s draped in diamonds.

Shouldn?t we, as women, feel special all the time? The answer is yes, of course we should! That?s why we should all have diamonds of our own. There are three classic pieces every woman needs in her jewelry box.

Diamond stud earrings are the first, and probably the easiest to acquire. Quality stones can come in all shapes and sizes. You can make a bold statement with 1 carat square-cut studs, or you can try a more subtle look with 1/2 carat round studs. Diamond studs are the perfect go-to earrings for every day, and they provide an understated elegance to any look.

The second must-have item in every woman?s diamond collection is a diamond tennis bracelet. It?s a simple bracelet with a row of diamonds all the way around. While it?s called a diamond ?tennis? bracelet, I would hold off on wearing yours while exercising!

Like diamond studs, you can style a diamond tennis bracelet according to your personal taste. Want to keep it subtle? Stick with a single row of diamonds at a smaller carat size. Want more flash? Choose a bracelet with multiple rows, or add a pop of color with one that intertwines precious colored stones and diamonds together in a pattern. Regardless of whether you choose to go big or stay subtle, the diamond tennis bracelet is essential to every woman?s jewelry collection. It will complement your outfit no matter what the occasion.

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Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Lastly, every woman should have a diamond pendant necklace. Diamond pendants can come in many shapes and sizes, and this is your chance to have a little fun and show off your personality. A diamond solitaire pendant is always stunning, but I love all things vintage. So I have a pendant that has an Art Deco sort of design, and I wear it all the time. And remember, a smaller-sized diamond pendant can be equally as beautiful as a larger one, so don’t think you have to break the bank to own one.

Of course, some women are lucky enough to have a fourth item in their diamond collection, and arguably, this piece will be the most valuable of all. That?s right, I?m talking about the engagement ring. Make sure your engagement ring really shows off who you are, because it is the one diamond you will wear every single day!

By investing in these diamond pieces for your jewelry collection, you will be able to feel special and look stylish every day. Diamonds bring a sense of sophistication to every woman who wears them. And the best part? They are timeless and never go out of style!

I hope you enjoyed this post on diamond jewelry! Come back next week to check out what new and exciting jewelry trends I?ll be discussing. And don?t forget to follow my vlog, The Jewelry Find, on YouTube!