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When investing in fine jewelry, it is so important to keep your collection cleaned and cared for. By taking good care of your jewelry, it will keep its value longer and continue to look fabulous as you wear it year after year. We often overlook the smallest details that can make a big difference when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. I?m definitely no exception. Because I wear them so often, I sometimes forget to take care of my favorite pieces. So to help you (and myself) out, I?m going to give some tips that will ensure your jewelry looks its best every day.?


The first part of caring for your jewelry is knowing when you should actually wear it. I have a favorite silver bracelet that I keep on at all times. I even forget to take it off at the gym, which is not good! Sweat and water can harm your jewelry over time, so make sure you remove your jewelry for bathing, manual labor, and active events.

Also, don?t put your jewelry on in the mornings until after you have applied lotion, makeup, and perfume. Harsh chemicals can cause your jewelry to tarnish more quickly. Being more mindful of when you should take your jewelry off will help it look better for longer when you have it on!


Cleaning your jewelry is probably the most commonly overlooked part of care and maintenance. I have a pretty nice ultrasonic cleaner that works wonders. If you don?t want to invest in a cleaner, it?s super easy to clean your jewelry by hand. All you need is warm water, mild dish soap, a soft brush, and a polishing cloth. The safest method of cleaning is the easiest; don?t underestimate the power of a little soap and water!

When cleaning, make sure you put some warm water in a bowl instead of washing directly over the sink. This way you won?t accidentally lose any gems down the drain. You can also use a cotton swab to reach small spaces. Give your fine jewelry a thorough cleaning like this at least twice a year to help it maintain its sparkle.


Storing your jewelry in a safe and organized way will not only keep your jewelry in better condition, but will save you time when trying to pick out what to wear. Try separating your collection by type, with necklaces hanging from a jewelry stand so they don?t get tangled up. Use a separate display stand made just for earrings. A jewelry box is perfect for bracelets, rings, and brooches.

Make sure to take special care when storing jewelry made of certain materials. For example, pearls should be kept in a dry place where humidity can?t get in, and sterling silver jewelry should be kept in a cloth bag to keep its luster.


Even if you take great care of your jewelry, there are bound to be unfortunate instances where something gets damaged. When you do have loose stones or broken parts, take your jewelry to a professional. When I recently broke the clasp on one of my favorite Art Deco pendants, that?s exactly what I did. Trying to fix the piece on your own may end up causing more damage. Give your valuable pieces of jewelry the treatment they deserve and know when professional help is needed.

These tips for wearing, cleaning, storing, and repairing your fine jewelry will help it look its best and last much longer. It?s so important to take the time to be mindful of your jewelry, or else you may end up regretting it in the long run! How do you take care of your jewelry? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and don?t forget to check out my vlog, The Jewelry Find on YouTube, for more tips and featured collections.