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Stephanie here, and it?s FINALLY cooling down in the southeast! Although I do love the color changing leaves and pumpkin spice lattes that make Fall my all-time favorite season, Winter is the season of scarves and sparkle, and I can not wait!! Though it?s not holiday season and snow isn?t falling just yet, it?s important to be prepared to accessorize in style!

MYTH: Jewelry is impossible?to wear in cold weather.

Along with colder weather comes bulky scarves, oversized sweaters, and adorable mittens. Even though all of these accessories make for a super cute outfit, there is little exposed skin left to show off your beautiful jewelry! The truth is: there are plenty of subtle jewelry styles to don during the colder temps.

1. Long Necklaces

The Jewelry Find - Cold Weather Jewelry Tips

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These are so IN! Long chains with a stone or pendant can instantly spice up your style! If your outfit ever needs a little bit more flash to it even after adding a scarf, layer a statement necklace underneath to give your look an extra pop! When in doubt, I go for the gold to add that instant flashiness!

2. Flat Rings

The Jewelry Find - Cold Weather Jewelry Tips

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Scarves may be warm and cozy, but if the fabric catches on your raised designer rings, you could possibly damage the scarf and the ring! Protect your most prized fashion possessions?by wearing an assortment of rings that sit flat to the finger. I love midi rings, and your hands can be the conversation piece if you stack them!

3. Thick Bracelets

The Jewelry Find - Cold Weather Jewelry Tips

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Though cuddly and (let?s be honest) one of my favorite things about colder weather, some sweaters don?t allow me to wear my favorite arm candy — bracelets. Charm bracelets from Alex and Ani? are my absolute favorite to wear all year round, but try investing in some super cute and thick bracelets to go OVER that sweater! You get the warmth AND the satisfaction of still being able to accessorize your winter wear.

4. Stud Earrings

The Jewelry Find - Cold Weather Jewelry Tips

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Back to the scarf issue? I promise I really do love them! However, the second that scarf snags on your brand new Pandora? citrine earrings, you are done for. That?s why you should definitely have a collection of fashion forward stud earrings! They may be simple, but simple can still be elegant and not?take away from the rest of your outfit.

Like I said, I?m so excited to start wearing my collection of scarves and comfy sweaters, but I won?t let that be the reason I close my jewelry box until Spring,?and you shouldn?t either! I have plenty of other tips and roundups on my vlog, The Jewelry Find on YouTube. Check it out and bundle up!

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