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As many of you may already know, the Emmy awards are this Sunday. What does that mean in my world? Fashion! I love watching awards shows just to see what each celebrity will wear on the red carpet. Of course, my eyes go straight to the jewelry! The jewelry that?s worn with a gown or a suit can make or break the entire look. Thankfully, many celebrities have amazing stylists to do all the work for them. But I want to let you all in on some helpful ways you can bring the celeb red carpet look home.

1. Cuff It Up
Cuff bracelets are very trendy today, and celebrities are repeatedly bringing this trend to the red carpet. Cuffs make a statement, and there are so many ways to wear?them. While some celebs go with one simple cuff to complete their look, others will stack multiple chunky cuffs on their?arms. I love wearing a statement cuff bracelet over a tight, long-sleeve dress or top. However you choose to wear them, cuffs are a great way to get noticed and get in touch with your celebrity style!

2. Get Your Neckline Noticed
Attention grabbing necklaces have always been in style both on and off the red carpet, but today?s celebrity trends up the ante. Many celebs are wearing long, flashy necklaces with deep cut dresses and tops. Body jewelry?like a necklace that comes down and wraps around the ribs?is also a hot look on the red carpet. Make sure your neckline gets noticed with a unique piece, whether it?s a long and lean chain or a chunky bib necklace. Also, I love that chokers are back! A glam, sparkly choker paired with an evening gown can really make you stand out, while a thin, leather
choker is perfect for a more casual look.

3. Earrings Over Everything
Earrings are always a necessity, but depending on your other jewelry choices, your earring selection may change. Celebrities who opt out of the “big necklace” trend have instead been wearing big statement earrings that dangle. These type of earrings are perfect if you want to go with a sleeker look and an exposed neckline. However, you can still couple earrings with other statement pieces as well. Whenever I wear a big necklace or bracelet, I choose a pair of statement studs to match. These studs are subtler than long earrings, but still make an impact.

4. Ring Bling
The celebrity trend for lots of rings is still going strong. No one can seem to get enough of them. On the red carpet, you?ll see celebs wearing multiple statement rings on both hands, as well as stacking them on their fingers. Often, they wear a variety, from diamond or gemstone bands to unique, vintage pieces. I like finding a few fabulous, chunky rings and wearing two on each hand. I also add some smaller rings and midi-rings as well. When styling your jewelry like a celebrity, think of your hands as your showcase. Rings are your opportunity to splurge!



Celebrity jewelry trends are all about making a statement.In order to really style your jewelry like a celebrity, you need more than the right pieces?you need to exude confidence. Don?t be afraid to rock that chunky necklace or those flashy earrings. I try to walk out of the house every day as if I?m walking down the red carpet! Owning your look is what will really make your?celebrity style stand out.

What other trends have you been seeing on the red carpet lately? Whose jewelry style are you looking forward to checking out this Sunday? Let me know in the comments! Thanks again for reading and be sure to stay tuned for more jewelry trends and tips. Also, be sure to visit my vlog, The Jewelry Find, on YouTube!


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